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EXR – A Korean Light Luxury Sports Fashion Success Story
EXR — 一个韩国轻奢运动时尚品牌的成功之路

EXR is a fashion success story in its home of Korea and is looking to further expand in Asia over the coming years.

EXR was founded in 2001 by Sungwoo Automotive, a Korean company specializing in the manufacture of high-end automotive parts such as suspension systems and alloy wheels. EXR has taken this DNA of excellence and automotive precision and turned it into a unique fashion brand.
2001年,一家名为星宇汽车的韩国公司创立EXR品牌,该公司之前专门从事高端汽车零部件制造,如悬挂系统和铝合金轮毂。 EXR继承了汽车制造的卓越和精密基因,并成功把它打造为一个独特的时尚品牌。

“The EXR brand is built on a mission to blend elegance with style and functional performance in new, exciting ways” says EXR China’s General Manager David Guo. “Our base is investing in new materials that will perform and excellence in tailoring. In short we want to blur the boundaries between function and elegance”.
EXR中国区总经理David Guo说:“EXR的品牌使命是融合一个优雅并令人兴奋的方式来突出其产品独特的个性。我们基于大胆使用新材料的原则去创造出卓越的剪裁。简单来说,我们旨在打破和揉和产品功能和优雅之间的传统界限“。

Within three years EXR had over 100 stores in Korea and many more have followed. The brand is also now available in Japan and in China where there are currently around 100 stores in the Northern Regions.

In 2014 the decision was made to reinvest in the retail design and invite Italian designer Renato Montagneras an art director. Their brief was to take performance and style and marry them in a new bold design.
EXR品牌于2014年决定重新定义其零售店铺的陈列风格,并邀请意大利设计师Renato Montagner担任艺术总监。他们在短时间内突破固有产品的展示风格并为消费者创造出极具吸引的视觉享受。

Having agreed a new style the challenge was to find a fixture supplier capable of bringing it alive. “Bearing in mind our focus on quality and precision we wanted a factory with similar beliefs”, says David. “We wanted a factory with proven success and a philosophy of ongoing investment in R&D and in world class plant. That is where Suntop came in”.

Li Hongze, M.D. of Suntop agrees. “We were excited when we first met with EXR. They have exciting growth plans and a great quality of product. It truly felt like we could forge a great partnership together.
上特执行总裁Li Hongze很认可此观点:“我们非常高兴跟EXR第一次的合作,他们优质的产品和令人兴奋的扩张计划,让我们都认为彼此可以成为很好的战略合作伙伴。”

The new retail design is already showing that partnership in action with new stores rolling out in Korea and China. More stores will roll out in coming month

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